Introduction to NSX+

What is NSX+?

NSX+ is a fully managed cloud-based networking, security, and advanced load balancing as-a-service offering. It allows networking, security, and operations teams to consume and operate VMware NSX services from a single cloud console across private and public clouds. NSX+ optimizes business-critical network availability, performance, security and cost, enabling your enterprise to overcome limitations of cloud services and bespoke hardware solutions. You benefit from consistent policy, unified visibility, network detection and response, advanced load balancing, and simplified cloud operations, helping you accelerate your multi-cloud deployments at scale.

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What are the key benefits of NSX+?

NSX+ provides the simplest path to consistent multi-cloud networking and security with these key benefits. 

Consistent policy and simplified multi-cloud consumption​
  • Consistent policy and automation delivered from a centralized cloud console
  • Multi-VPC architecture abstracts complexities of underlying network constructs​
  • Multi-tenant cloud offers streamlined tenant onboarding, isolation, and observability.
Simplify the journey to micro-segmentation and zero trust​
  • Simpler setup to quickly gain visibility into applications across clouds​
  • Accelerate security policy deployment with AI assisted rule recommendations ​
  • Easily iterate policies with know constructs and native integration ​
  • Simpler to scale as you expand your footprint by adding additional site
Reduce the risk of ransomware across clouds
  • Proactively detect and respond to potential security incidents across clouds​
  • Increase high availability by limiting lateral movement of threat’s that originate in one cloud and spread​
  • Correlates threat signals from multiple sources across clouds and alert SOC with high fidelity signals
Advanced Load Balancing
  • Managed services shift the focus from infrastructure to application availability
  • Brings application awareness to the underlying cloud infrastructure
  • Native integration with VMware Cloud for holistic visibility and faster troubleshooting
Consistent multi-cloud network operations
  • Granular visibility, monitoring, and troubleshooting with unified dashboards and alarms​
  • Simpler NSX lifecycle management with streamlined network upgrades and recommendations.
  • Multi-cloud workload mobility with HCX+ centralized management, orchestration and observability. 
The NSX+ cloud console 
  • Connect all NSX instances to the VMware Cloud console for centralized management 
  • Updated NSX instances with a single click 
  • Enable hassle-free keyless entitlement 
  • Leverage subscription-based, OpEx-driven network consumption


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