NSX+ Intelligence

What is NSX+ Intelligence?

NSX+ Intelligence is a distributed visibility and policy recommendation engine that leverages workload and network context unique to the NSX environment to deliver micro-segmentation policies.

VMware deploys NSX+ Intelligence components in the public cloud on behalf of the security administrator, allowing security teams to achieve:

  • Easier operationalization
    • Easily operationalize NSX+ Intelligence as there are fewer components for a security team to install and manage. Also, scaling is simpler as resources for NSX+ Intelligence are obtained and managed by VMware personnel. Finally, the NSX+ console is highly available without additional effort from the security team.
  • Multi-cloud scope
    • Easily protect multi-cloud deployments as the NSX+ console supports private and public cloud out-of-the-box without additional components

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What are the key benefits of NSX+ Intelligence?

NSX+ Intelligence provides a distributed network analytics engine that enables you to manage the security posture of your NSX environment. It provides these key benefits:

Security posture visibility

Visualize and gain deep insights into every traffic flow across the entire network with the complete context of related workloads and associated security policies

Zero trust micro-segmentation

Accelerate the journey to Zero Trust by using context from the NSX environment to automatically create and deploy micro-segmentation policies. These policies can be based on layer 7 constructs such as applications, users, and NSX tags. Micro-segmentation maintenance

Micro-segmentation maintenance

Automatically and continuously monitor deployed security policies and flag non-compliant traffic flows. Bring traffic flows back into compliance using the rule recommendation engine. Obtain visibility into traffic flows that are not yet micro-segmented.


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