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Cloud Networking

This page covers multiple learning journeys for cloud networking including:

  • Multi-Cloud Networking - Includes Network Virtualization both on-prem and in the cloud.
  • NSX Cloud for Native Public Clouds - Native cloud support for NSX, including Azure and AWS
  • NSX in VMware Cloud on AWS - NSX capabilities enabling VMware Cloud on AWS (aka VMC on AWS)
Network Automation

Navigate the sophisticated world of Network Automation. Here are some of our most popular documents. These Reference Architecture documents show real-world examples of how to set up and configure the product. They're not cut-and-paste but should provide a great start. Remember to take the Hands-On Labs if you want to touch the product itself!

Kubernetes with NSX

Deliver native networking and security for containerized workloads that brings consistent and automated policy across application frameworks, platforms, sites, and clouds.

Service-defined Firewall

The fastest way to learn about the Service-defined Firewall at VMware! Using articles, videos, and labs, the activity path provides curated assets to help you level-up in your knowledge.