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Combines VMware’s modern, software-only Advanced Load Balancer (Avi) with Horizon VDI for modern work-from-anywhere solution.

“Hardware load balancers are rigid. Avi is one of the easiest solutions to learn and deploy. Avi can be deployed close to the application and is simple, elastic, and offers high performance.”

Nitin Keni, Sr. Technical Specialist, Wysetek

VMware-Wysetek Partnership

Wysetek, based in India is a 31-year-old provider of integrated technology solutions and a premier certified MSP partner of VMware. Wysetek focuses on delivering innovative digital experiences to its clients with modern cloud-friendly solutions. As digital possibilities evolve, Wysetek stays ahead by developing technological capabilities to meet the needs of the industry and continuously enhances its offerings to customers.

Wysetek Customer’s Challenge

Wysetek’s customer is a technology organization specializing in outsourced product engineering services. Due to remote work necessitated by the pandemic, The customer was looking to enable over a thousand employees with work-from-home capabilities in short order. After evaluating alternatives, the firm chose Horizon as their work from anywhere solution. Load balancing is a key component of any VDI (virtual desktop) solution to help ensure a great end-user experience. Wysetek engineers Zahir and Nitin knew the challenges of cumbersome operations and lack of elasticity with traditional hardware load balancers. With VMware, they saw the opportunity to provide a complete high-performance VDI solution with Horizon and Avi. 


Wysetek saw the opportunity to deliver a modern, elastic load balancing solution with central orchestration and simplified operations to the customer. Zahir and Nitin fully trained themselves on the Avi Platform using online resources such as the VMware hands-on lab, VSP/VTSP courses, product documentation, and the instructor-led Avi workshops. The ease of installing and configuring Avi meant that Wysetek could spin up the VDI environment for their customer in a few days. Wysetek likes the Avi software-defined architecture and Nitin says, “It is one of the easiest load balancers that he has worked with.” Wysetek provides a complete solution from deployment to managed services.


Wysetek found Avi to be a simple solution that they plan to recommend to all of their customers going forward. The Avi Platform’s ability to elastically scale services up or down is a significant benefit to customers who need to address unpredictable changes in traffic patterns. The analytics and performance insights offered by the Avi platform helped to identify and address issues quickly even during the initial deployment. 

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